Work in progress :)

Persuasion, the process of changing attitudes and behaviours, is a complex beast. There are numerous overlapping theories and concepts which require a herculean effort to learn. Furthermore, while useful,  persuasion theories and techniques are often intangible and teach little about persuasion in practice: techniques can work in one context but fail in another.

However, persuasion is the catalyst for most human behaviour and human behaviour is the root of nearly all that is good or bad in this world. Given its importance, I am therefore on a journey to become an expert in teaching the art of persuasion. Much progress has been made. I completed a PhD which enabled me to learn much of the relevant theory and to accumulate several hundred articles and books that I hope to later synthesise. I have several academic papers in progress. I am the middle of an entrepreneurial journey where I am learning to persuade within several contexts. However, there is much to learn before I will be ready to teach so I still have a few years to go.

When my journey is complete, I will be ready to blog about it. When I do, please bring open ears and open minds for I will have much to fill them with.